• Custom made skeins

    You know the feeling when you have to add a new skein and sadly he has another shade?

    Now you have the possibility to order your one porject skein! You can choose skeinsize and the color you wish.

    Delivery Time: about 4 weeks

  • Tibetan DK

    Handdyed Tibetan DK
    60% Merino, 20% Yak, 20% Silk 4ply
    220m / 100g
    240y / 3.5oz

  • Tibetan Sock

    Handdyed Tibetan Sock
    60% Merino, 20% Yak, 20% Silk 3ply Hightwist
    360m / 100g
    393y / 3,5oz

    The yarn Tibetan Sock has a very elastic and robust surface because of the hightwist.
    It even pill nor scratchy and has a beautiful fall.
    Ideal for shawls, skirts or light sweaters.

  • Tibetan Single

    Handdyed Tibetan Single
    60% Merino, 20% Yak, 20% Silk
    480m / 120g
    524y /4.23oz

  • KamelSeide

    A beautiful, soft, warm and lustrous yarn made of 65% silk and 35 % Camel fibers .

    The camel fiber in this yarn gets a great softness . Ideal for warm, thin knitted pieces as scarf, shawl or fine sweater .

    400m to 100g
    437y / 3.5oz

    Needle size:
    DE: 3-4mm
    US: 3-5

  • Seide Lace

    Seide Lace

    is a luxury yarn of 100% pure silk.
    This Yarn is 2 ply and 600m /100g

    This amazing shiny yarn is very soft and perfect for people who don't like wool on their skin.
    In Summer silk is cold and in Winter she will be warm.
    I like to knit shawls and light summer cloth with it.

  • AlpakaSeideLeinen

    Limited Spring Edition!
    The AlpakaSeideLeinen Heavy Lace is a 2ply yarn:
    50% baby alpaca, 25% silk, 25% linen
    600m / 100g
    Beautiful  for light and loose knitted pieces.
    This yarn is soft, shiny and has the grip of linen

  • Merino DK Single

    Merino DK Single is a single thread made of 100% smooth merino.

    100g / 220m

    Perfect for Hats and cosy pullovers.

  • Merino DK Twist

    Merino DK Twist is a 4 plyed yarn made of 100% smooth merino.

    100g / 220m

    Perfect for Hats and cosy pullovers.

  • Merino Seide Single

    Merino Seide Single is a single thread made of 70% smooth merino and 30% glossy silk.

    100g / 400m

    Perfect for towels and fine garments

  • Merino Single

    The Merino is an easy single thread made ​​of 100% merino .

    350m / 100g

    382 / 3.5oz

    Ideal for shawls and fine garments

  • Gradient-Kits
  • Merino Twist
  • BFL Seide Cashmere DK

    Limited Winteredition!

    The BFL Seide Cashmere DK is a 4ply with a springy twist.

    Content: 70 % BFL wool , 20% silk , 10 % cashmere

    115g / 230m 4oz / 251y

    Perfect for hats and sweaters with cables .

    This yarn is very strong and incredibly soft and shiny.

  • BFL Seide Cashmere Sock

    Limited Winteredition!

    The BFL Seide Cashmere Sock is a 3ply twist

    Content: 70 % BFL wool , 20% silk , 10 % cashmere

    100g / 400m 3,5oz / 437y

    Perfect for shiny shawls and light sweaters.

    This yarn is incredibly soft and shiny.

  • Merino Cashmere Sock


    Merino Wool 80% / Cashmere 10% / Nylon 10%

    400m / 100g

    437y / 3.5oz

    Needlesize: 2,5-3,5

  • MerinoCable

    Limited Autumn Edition!

    Handdyed MerinoCable
    100% Merino 4x2 ply
    250m / 100g
    273y / 3,5oz

    The special twist the yarn has a very round surface and is suitable for cable pattern or structures.
    It is fluffy , durable and perfect for hats , ponchos and sweaters.

  • Merino Lace

    Handdyed Laceyarn

    100% Merino superwash

    920m / 115g 2ply

  • BambusSeide

    Handdyed BambusSeide of Swiss Mountain Silk.

    51 % silk / 49 % bamboo

    Yarage: 218y/3.5oz, 200m/100g

    Needle Size: US:6-8 DE:4-5mm

    By mixing with bamboo the yarn has a lovely soft sheen . Ideal for summer clothing or for those who can not wear wool on the skin.

  • MerinoSeide

    MerinoSeide is a Swiss Montain Silk Doubleknit weight who is handdyed with love from Sidi

    50 % merino / 50 % Silk

    273y / 3.5oz, 250m/100g

    Needle Size: US: 4-7 DE: 3.5-4.5mm

    The mixture of silk with merino wool makes the yarn indescribably soft, warm and silky.

    Ideal for winter clothes and accessories .