Who am I? ;)

I am Asita Ganga Krebs or simply Sidi, born 08.30.1983 in a small wooden house in the countryside of switzerland. I have a great older sister who has me driving around constantly by car, a little niece / goddaughter full sweet and everything in pink, and of course, mother, father and boyfriend as they better not might be. (Thank you thank you thank you to my family for your lovely and patiently support)
Enough family,so we make a jump in time to 1999, I discouvered my passion for hand spinning, because I read the Mists of Avalon from Marion Zimmer Bradley. In this Book the women have spun constantly.
Fortunately for me, I have a mother who could show me how to learn spinnng with spindle, now I was about 10 years always at the same level with my huge heavy hand spindle (about 70g), until in 2009 a dear friend gave me a spinningwheel as a gift.
From that moment I was unstoppable. I attended courses and bought many expensive new spin-equipment.
In January 2011 I start a education in handspinning at www.zsag.ch that I have successfully completed in 2013.
So I have the permission to call me proud a graduated yarndesigner.

Now for knitting I can told less, of course, I've always something knit but really went well until going on when I wanted to use my produced yarns. And now I design my first pieces already .. YAY!
In 2010, I was traveling in Bolivia and got me a little in love with the art of weaving, which will play hopefully an important role in my future.