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John Arbon Yarnadelic Tops

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Composition: 100% Falkland Corridale
Spinning preparation: Kammzug
Weight: 100g / 3,5 oz

Yarnadelic is 100% Falklands Corriedale. The breed is about 100 years old and was created by crossing Merino and Lincoln Longwool. Its characteristics are a perfect balance of the wonderful softness and bounce of the Merino and the light sheen and long staple length of the Lincoln Longwool.

Corriedale is bred in the Falkland Islands – ensuring that the animals are treated with the utmost care and are free from mulesing. The fibres are then dyed in England and lovingly prepared, blended and spun at the mill in North Devon.

Picture credit: John Arbon


Nobody Knows
Black Gold of the Sun
Sunflower in my Garden
English Sparrows
Indigo Dust
Of my Hands
Woman in Blue
Badi Da
Les Fleurs
Pink Moon
Wondrous Place
Galetta Guitar
Canto de Ossanha
Hey Moon
The Beauttiful Ones
Ordinary Joe
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Nobody Knows, Black Gold of the Sun, Sunflower in my Garden, English Sparrows, Harmonium, Indigo Dust, Of my Hands, Woman in Blue, Badi Da, Les Fleurs, Pink Moon, Wondrous Place, Galetta Guitar, Canto de Ossanha, Waltz, Hey Moon, The Beauttiful Ones, Ordinary Joe

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