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Pascuali Alpaka Lace

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Composition: 100% alpaca
Spinning method: 2-ply
Yardage: 400m / 437y
Weight: 50g / 1,8 oz
Needle size: 3mm
Stitch gauge: 36 sts x 48 rows = 10cm
Consumption for a ladies jumper size 38 approx.: 300g
Care instructions: Hand wash with wool detergent

Alpaca Lace is a luxurious, wonderfully soft, delicate and yet robust yarn made from pure alpaca wool. In the Lace yarn count, Alpaca Lace is incredibly light and made for all kinds of ajour or lace patterns. It consists of 100 percent baby alpaca hair. These extremely soft and delicate fibres come from the first shearing of young animals from the Andes highlands of Peru. The yarn is also spun for us in Peru. The fine, light yarn has a slight fluffiness, but does not lint.

Alpaca Lace is excellent for light tops with a delicate lace pattern and is perfect for accessories such as scarves or shawls. It has excellent heat regulating properties and is extremely soft on the skin. It is also well tolerated by sensitive people, and as alpaca contains hardly any lanolin, even by wool allergy sufferers. Alpaca Lace is also wonderful for baby clothing!

1 Naturweiss
33 Beige
32 Taupe
7 Mocca
30 Black
31 Stein
28 Hellblau
13 Denim
43 Traube
27 Flieder
21 Kirschrot
42 Sahara
39 Camel
38 Kiwi
37 Olive
45 Petrol
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1 Naturweiss, 33 Beige, 32 Taupe, 7 Mocca, 30 Black, 31 Stein, 28 Hellblau, 13 Denim, 43 Traube, 27 Flieder, 21 Kirschrot, 42 Sahara, 39 Camel, 38 Kiwi, 37 Olive, 45 Petrol

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