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Spring Sprout Shawl

CHF 5.00

The Spring Sprout Shawl is a crescent-shaped shawl knitted from the top down, beginning in the middle of the upper edge with a garter tab cast on. Every second row there are six increases on both the edges and on four places in the body. The body is worked in stockinette stitch with leave buds patterning along the increase sections. The border with the full leaves is knitted on sideways and attached to the live stitches of the body as it is being worked.

The knitting pattern include PDFs in German and English for direct download.

Auf die WunschlisteCompare

The pattern for the body is written out completely and border instructions are both charted and written out.

full span width after blocking 120cm (47”)
full depth after blocking 50cm (19”)



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