• John Arbon

Harvest Hue

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Composition from the colors Bracken, Flax, Barley und New Leaf: 65% Falkland Merino Bio, 35% Devon Zwartbles
New compositions from the colors Woad, Blue Spruce, Juniper, Rosebay und Peat: 33% Bluefaced Leicester, 33% Falkland Merino Bio, 33% Devon Zwartbles
Spinning preparation: Top (combed)
Weight: 100g / 3.5 oz

Harvest Hues tops from John Arbon are a blend of local Devon Zwartbles and organic Falkland Merino. The Zwartbles sheep is naturally dark brown and when blended with the pre-dyed merino, transforms into deep, mottled tones reminiscent of Exmoor. When making these combs, John Arbon combs the fibres in one direction, emphasising the softness, sheen and strength of a blend. The elegant Merino and the springy Zwartbles complement each other perfectly, giving the tops and yarn a delicate woolly sheen and full texture.

Blue Spruce
New Leaf
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Flax, Barley, Blue Spruce, Bracken, Juniper, New Leaf, Peat, Rosebay, Woad

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