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Travel Niddy Noddy

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The travel Niddy Noddy is made of birch wood and is very light. For transport, it can be disassembled and lies flat in the bag. In this new version of the travel Niddy Noddy can be decided between two lengths of strands:

  • 1 Yard / 91.5 cm
    2 Yard / 183 cm

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Assembly & Instructions
To assemble, hold a piece of the Niddy Noddy in each hand and match up the slots. The two ends will be perpendicular to each other, with the long part of each piece forming the center shaft as they come together. To use your Niddy Noddy, you’ll be holding it at the center of the shaft. Start by wrapping the loose end of the yarn around the top left end a couple times, trapping your initial wrap underneath your working yarn to secure it. From the top left, you’ll cross down and under the right handle, then back up and over the left end of the top handle, then back down under the right end of the lower handle. Once you’re out of yarn, weave the loose ends of your skein through to secure them and prevent tangling. Then slip the yarn off the ends of the Niddy Noddy handles. To twist the yarn into a skein, slip the fingers of each hand through either end of the skein and twist in opposite directions until the yarn twists back onto itself. Tuck one end into the other and you have a twisted skein.

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