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Ring Distaff

CHF 16.00

Wood: Cherry
Size: about 20cm

A ring distaff is a tool used for spindle spinning. It holds un-spun fiber conveniently over the drop spindle. This keeps the fiber untangled and allows for easy and controlled drafting from relaxed hands. This distaff is designed to be held with the ring on a pinky finger with the bird at the top, perched over a nest of un-spun fiber. Here’s some more information on how to use it.

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This ring distaff is inspired by a Roman ring distaff that also has a ring at the bottom and a bird at the top. The bird is the perfect shape and size for holding a coil of roving onto the shaft of the distaff. It is lightweight, portable and easy to use with any type of spindle and fiber. This distaff has been laser cut and hand sanded but does not have any type of finish on it, which makes the wool naturally stick better onto the tool.

For more tips and information on spinning with a ring distaff, check out the links below:

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